The first part of this article is pertaining to the general process of submitting work to publications on Medium. The second part has to do with writing for Age of Awareness how to contribute to the publication.

I write this as it is not always clear for many writers on Medium how to submit their works to publications. This is a question that comes up frequently when writers/authors try to submit to Age of Awareness. For those not familiar with the site it can be a little unclear how to locate the icon with the option to submit.

First, you…

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Full episode here.

When it comes to options for assistive tech or tools in schools for students who need them their options are usually isolating or “different” than the rest of the class. These tools can make students feel uncomfortable and even opt out of using them. This is why I was so excited to hear about the work at Microsoft Education. …

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8th episode here!

I first want to give a huge shout out to anyone out there producing podcasts as their hobby or side gig. We had the lofty goal to release 24 episodes in 2021 but I am struggling to get this 8th episode out. Reaching out, scheduling, recording, editing, and marketing the episodes has all been a fun learning journey but wow, it is a lot to do on the side while teaching full-time.

This 8th episode was really fun to do. As a Design and Tech teacher, I really enjoyed hearing about the design process, the creative freedoms…

Many of you already know this but by day I am a teacher and this publication started as a passion project. This passion project has now grown to be the 34th fastest growing publication on all of Medium and now into our podcast as well! Be sure to check out the latest work on the publication and be sure to tune into the latest podcast episode with Lorena Germán (episode here!)

As for trying to enjoy this summer as a teacher? It is a work in progress. Managing the podcast(scheduling, editing, and distribution) has proven quite the task but a…

Photo source — cover of Lorena Germán’s new book coming out in September

Listen to the seventh episode here!

Unfortunately, I (Stephen) had to miss the first part of this conversation as my youngest was acting up a bit so the editing stage was actually the first time hearing much of this conversation for me. Sean Follin was able to move right along on his own for this episode — something that I think should happen more often but that is a story for another day. Now, onto this episode.

We were so fortunate to get the opportunity to sit down with Lorena for this conversation. Her framing and perspective on much of…

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Tune in here!

Tune into our latest episode with one of the world’s leading science communicators, Hashem Al-Ghaili. Listen why and how he reaches 200 million people per week with his engaging content. I know as both an educator and a social media manager myself I had a lot to learn from Hashem. Find all of our episodes at

We wanted to let everyone know that we also have a YouTube Channel up now. Many member of the community said they wanted to watch clips of our conversations for these podcasts so we are going to be uploading clips…

Tune into the episode here!

This conversation with Hashem Al-Ghaili really covered a lot of ground. From content creation, social media management, navigating through university, overcoming diversity, learning on the fly, and sharing science information with 150+ million people per week. Yes, per week. Personally, I received insights and advice from Hashem as a teacher, content creator, and social media manager. And I also got to see how great content engages learners. Something I need to work on as an educator.

So, as an educator I am constantly trying to make content that sticks with my students. They are constantly…

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I’ve had many AoA community members and others ask me how Sarah Mock became an Amazon bestseller and what steps she took to get there. There are over 1,000 authors writing for AoA who are probably looking for similar results with their writing. I have some observations on this and her work over the years that I will share below but I also planning on asking her about this process when we get her on our podcast! I will share four quick insights on her work and what I have observed over the years.


I truly believe that Sarah could…

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The short and simple version: These three things helped us reach 10 million people in April — 1. (SEO assistance), 2. (website and online presence assistance), and 3. Tuning in with our audience (us working to be better listeners). All three of these helped us better connect with who was paying attention to our content — the AoA community and beyond.

You can read the full story here from AoA Founder and Editor Stephen Muskett, M.S.Ed.

We realized we couldn’t do it all on our own. With the podcast, managing a publication with over 43,000 followers & 500,000…

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Many don’t know this but I have actually been involved in social media management in various capacities longer than I have been in education. I have worked on several international teams and on many projects as several different roles and positions. After years of working on teams and with others I figured I could go out on my own and do this. And for a while I did manage but it just wasn’t sustainable. I was seeing why there are teams on projects and not individuals.

I like creating connections online and sharing ideas with others. In order to do…

Stephen Muskett, M.S.Ed

Environmental & STEAM Ed.| Advocate/Activist for sustainable societies | Educator | Creating connections between people and nature | Founder & Editor of AoA

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