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8th episode here!

I first want to give a huge shout out to anyone out there producing podcasts as their hobby or side gig. We had the lofty goal to release 24 episodes in 2021 but I am struggling to get this 8th episode out. …

Photo source — cover of Lorena Germán’s new book coming out in September

Listen to the seventh episode here!

Unfortunately, I (Stephen) had to miss the first part of this conversation as my youngest was acting up a bit so the editing stage was actually the first time hearing much of this conversation for me. Sean Follin was able to move right along…

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Tune in here!

Tune into our latest episode with one of the world’s leading science communicators, Hashem Al-Ghaili. Listen why and how he reaches 200 million people per week with his engaging content. I know as both an educator and a social media manager myself I had a lot to…

Tune into the episode here!

This conversation with Hashem Al-Ghaili really covered a lot of ground. From content creation, social media management, navigating through university, overcoming diversity, learning on the fly, and sharing science information with 150+ million people per week. Yes, per week. Personally, I received insights and advice…

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